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Yesterday the event FME Conecta was held in Utrecht. It was organized by the FME, the number one employers' organisation in the technology industry. Ramix was nominated for the FME International Business Award. The three nominated company’s had to give a short presentation to explain how they do business in a changing world. Machiel de Winkel, our Manager Sales & Development, had an excellent pitch. In 3 minutes he held a flashy presentation showing how Ramix is strong in a changing world. We are very proud in 3rd place!


Ramix Injection Moulds delivers first class solutions for premium pipe fittings and pipe related products. We combine 60 years of experience with the latest developments on the construction of moulds. This means that our customers always receive an excellent performing mould according the latest standards.
We have built moulds from small to large, our assembly has experience with moulds up to 55Tons. Our experience extends to 2-component moulding, insert moulding, proto moulds, stack moulds, vertical moulding and family moulds with up to 43 different products out of one housing.

Ramix werkt!